2930 Commits (master)

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  Oleg Gerasimov 99e3a5e91d [fix] ininity recursive call of HistoryRedraw on buffered console resize 4 years ago
  Oleg Gerasimov 84a60915d0 [add] fonts with cyrillic letters by default 4 years ago
  Oleg Gerasimov 6717893997 [add] user fs vmt 4 years ago
  Oleg Gerasimov 295192d064 [fix] align of thread stack to 4 4 years ago
  Oleg Gerasimov 0ca5540611 Fixed #define in gmisc_rom.h 4 years ago
  Oleg Gerasimov efed8a4402 Fixed ROM data reading in rlefont 4 years ago
  Oleg Gerasimov 127fa80807 Added ROM aligned reading function for fonts and ROMFS 4 years ago
  inmarket 6a30927a91 Fix Cortex m0 Raw32 scheduler. 4 years ago
  inmarket 06de6f1931 Updates to Keil RAW32 CPU specific scheduler. 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann baa20c4e60 Removing obsolete color parameters from gwinFillDualCircle() 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 2f0e05f9cb Starting work on version 2.8 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 7a896c2917 Release version 2.7 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 35228413d1 Enabling local search engine in generated doxygen documentation 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 08fe2b1295 Doxygen fix 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann ca56c721a7 Adding #prama for Keil compiler to suppress "statement is unreachable" warning. 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 09eba89afd Revert "Remove some compiler warnings" 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann ceaeb599d4 Cleaning up changelog 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 37f25677ec Adding gwinDrawThickArc() wrapper for gdispGDrawThickArc() function. 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 52c7f15673 Adding gwinFillDualCircle() wrapper for gdispGFillDualCircle() function. 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 8e62912446 Adding missing __cpp() wrapper macro to inline assembly for Keil RAW32 threading functions 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 0ab0e28bdb Cleaning up raw32 thread context switching functions (use consistent coding style) 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann d80bd18157 Fixing typo in comment 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 748346f0e5 Moving docs/changelog.txt to /changelog.txt 4 years ago
  inmarket f495b49f53 Update the Raw32 heap allocator to remove a memory merging bug. 4 years ago
  inmarket bc7a2b05c1 Update Raw32 threads CLIB support to work with modern versions of the MINGW compiler 4 years ago
  inmarket 60b3fc0769 Fix a win32.raw32 platform compile bug caused by the windows headers not being included 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 43bcd7930b Renaming docs/releases.txt to docs/changelog.txt 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann d9a8b2b259 Doxygen fixes 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann dba9b327ec Adding gdispGDrawThickArc() demo 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 3a51e83f18 Updating changelog 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 81fc34801d Merge branch 'master' of CorentinB/uGFX into master 4 years ago
  Corentin Barman 0b4b99163b Fixed drawThickArc function 4 years ago
  Corentin Barman bde1f0d2eb Merge branch 'master' of https://git.ugfx.io/uGFX/uGFX 4 years ago
  inmarket e927bff089 Fix GCC assembler broken during Keil port 4 years ago
  inmarket ad29f4fee0 Support for Keil compiler RAW32 CPU specific task switching for Cortex M0,1,3,4,7 4 years ago
  inmarket c1e2863078 Fix a bug in the Cortex M0 task switcher 4 years ago
  inmarket 4b61ae71fe Add the ability to display the detected compiler 4 years ago
  inmarket 76671249d6 Remove some compiler warnings 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann fa668d846e Minor improvement to release notes 4 years ago
  Corentin Barman 2bcb2155ca Added a function to draw thick arcs 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann d477e620be Fixing typo in ILI9488 driver 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 792bc3889e Adding readme files for implicitly supported touchscreen controllers 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann d90daf0cb2 Adding ADS7843 + STM32CubeF4HAL demo board file 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 12bf6d9391 Adding ILI9488 + STM32CubeF4HAL demo board file 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 59c9565df7 Adding ILI9488 display driver 4 years ago
  inmarket d4adcdb017 Properly fix the problem causing the compiler warning 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 6c7b3716b3 Prevening compiler warning 4 years ago
  inmarket e0eacb846c Fixes to GEVENT 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann da2735ab67 Merge branch 'master' of git.ugfx.io:uGFX/uGFX 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 152e7e7e26 Adding gmiscHittestPoly() 4 years ago