3054 Commits (master)

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  Thomas Sterren 639da0e268 Added clone() method to DataFile class 10 months ago
  Thomas Sterren 62d59587a6 Typo in mcufontencoder help 10 months ago
  Thomas Sterren bd72f47152 C comment style 11 months ago
  Thomas Sterren 165a1be318 Got stuck in here with a source font file generated out of `arial` size 48 11 months ago
  Thomas Sterren 89629778ec Tabs to spaces 11 months ago
  Thomas Sterren c75bbc0bbf _gosPostInit needs to be a C function 11 months ago
  Thomas Sterren 60562c4ba7 Added gfxRealloc() function for GFX_USE_OS_QT 11 months ago
  inmarket 013bac84ce Support negative baseline_x in a font. 1 year ago
  inmarket c41cbd05e9 Fix for wordwrapping when there is a space then a newline 1 year ago
  inmarket 87ec4b7c77 Bug fix for drawing boxes of size 3x3 pixels 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann 37732af0b5 Release v2.8 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann a6eebb3bb1 Updating URLs 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann f66887deca Doxygen fix 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann 0bf3967d2d Updating URLs / E-Mail addresses and increasing version from 1.2 to 1.3 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann 1e4af761b0 Updating URLs 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann 9570235ffc Preventing out-of-range warning with STM32LTDC flag definitions 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann a4f203fbe2 Preventing __DSB() redeclaration in STM32LTDC driver 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann a5c1e29d21 Improving STM32F746G-Discovery board files 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann 025bc66666 STM32F469i-Discovery board files 1 year ago
  inmarket 2a249e6140 Update to hacked alpha support - now uses pre-multiplied color blending algorithm 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann c3b484a865 Compiler warnings 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann d0fb541191 Updating STM32F429i-Discovery board file for ChibiOS 1 year ago
  inmarket f9be386e52 Add alpha blending support 1 year ago
  inmarket fdaf636b5f Fix: ChibiOS V2 doesn't support dma cache handling at all 1 year ago
  inmarket 7ef1fa156c Fix the STM32LTDC driver DMA2D accelerated bitblit on STM32F7 platforms. 1 year ago
  inmarket cd4c389e48 Work around yet another ChibiOS DMA/Cache bug 1 year ago
  inmarket 8bf95a1128 Add cache flushing to the ChibiOS FATFS/PETITFS block routines. Required for STM32F7. This should really be in the ChibiOS DMA routines. 1 year ago
  inmarket 989b12608f Tidy up 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann ea158a836d Adding nullpointer checks to GDISP image functions 1 year ago
  inmarket 82047b1ac6 STM32LTDC 2nd layer support with alpha 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann 70222f8c8d Updating /demos/modules/gwin/graph configuration file 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann 8219311877 using GFX_PI instead of M_PI in graph demo 1 year ago
  inmarket 2513b54e71 Fix image byte extraction macros 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann ecfcf994c6 Fixing issue in JPG decoder 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann 2943011ccb Adding Zephyr port 1 year ago
  inmarket 3e13911432 Oops - add readme and changelog 1 year ago
  inmarket 77994258c0 Add SSD1322 driver. Thanks to Andrey_13 (but with modifications) 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann 9b52fee213 Temporary fix for unknown osFeature_Semaphore value (needs fixing!) 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann b1124c3011 Adding CMSIS2 port to gos_mk.c 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann c3ad194401 Fixing typo in CMSIS2 port 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann db99ea7d04 Updating #error message 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann 285c6528e6 Merge branch 'master' of git.ugfx.io:uGFX/uGFX 1 year ago
  Joel Bodenmann f9494c44a2 Improving gdispPixmapCreate() documentation 1 year ago
  inmarket db7971734f First attempt at the JPG decoder. Compiles but may not run. 1 year ago
  inmarket 75e373c237 Oops! Fix object reference 1 year ago
  inmarket 0388755df1 Add gwinTextEditSendKey() and gwinTextEditSendSpecialKey() 1 year ago
  inmarket 04c23b408d Fix where some V3.x changes found there way back into V2 causing a compile error 1 year ago
  inmarket c4eed17a2e Fix a problem with gwinImage where an animated GIF can leave a running timer when it is destroyed. 1 year ago
  inmarket 9f5a716344 Merge branch 'gwinDetachToggle' of raboof/ugfx into master 1 year ago
  inmarket 38f487edcb Merge branch 'fix-macos' of yous/uGFX into master 1 year ago