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* This file is subject to the terms of the GFX License. If a copy of
* the license was not distributed with this file, you can obtain one at:
8 years ago
* @file src/gos/gfx_freertos.h
* @brief GOS - Operating System Support header file for FreeRTOS.
#include "FreeRTOS.h"
#include "FreeRTOSConfig.h"
#include "semphr.h"
#include "task.h"
/* Type definitions */
/* Additional types are required when FreeRTOS 7.x is used */
typedef signed char int8_t
typedef unsigned char uint8_t
typedef signed int int16_t
typedef unsigned int uint16_t
typedef signed long int int32_t
typedef unsigned long int uint32_t
typedef signed long long int int64_t
typedef unsigned long long int uint64_t
* bool_t,
* int8_t, uint8_t,
* int16_t, uint16_t,
* int32_t, uint32_t,
* size_t
* are already defined by FreeRTOS
#define TIME_INFINITE ((delaytime_t)-1)
typedef int8_t bool_t;
typedef uint32_t delaytime_t;
typedef portTickType systemticks_t;
typedef int32_t semcount_t;
typedef void threadreturn_t;
typedef portBASE_TYPE threadpriority_t;
#define MAX_SEMAPHORE_COUNT ((semcount_t)(((unsigned long)((semcount_t)(-1))) >> 1))
#define LOW_PRIORITY 0
/* FreeRTOS will allocate the stack when creating the thread, so pass the size instead of a working area */
#define DECLARE_THREAD_STACK(name, sz) size_t *name = (size_t *)sz
#define DECLARE_THREAD_FUNCTION(fnName, param) threadreturn_t fnName(void *param)
portTickType MS2ST(portTickType ms);
typedef struct {
xSemaphoreHandle sem;
semcount_t limit;
semcount_t counter;
} gfxSem;
typedef xSemaphoreHandle gfxMutex;
typedef xTaskHandle* gfxThreadHandle;
/* Function declarations. */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#define gfxHalt(msg) {}
#define gfxExit() {}
#define gfxAlloc(sz) pvPortMalloc(sz)
#define gfxFree(ptr) vPortFree(ptr)
#define gfxYield() taskYIELD()
#define gfxSystemTicks() xTaskGetTickCount()
#define gfxMillisecondsToTicks(ms) MS2ST(ms)
#define gfxSystemLock() {}
#define gfxSystemUnlock() {}
void gfxMutexInit(xSemaphoreHandle* s);
#define gfxMutexDestroy(pmutex) vSemaphoreDelete(*pmutex)
#define gfxMutexEnter(pmutex) xSemaphoreTake(*pmutex,portMAX_DELAY)
#define gfxMutexExit(pmutex) xSemaphoreGive(*pmutex)
void *gfxRealloc(void *ptr, size_t oldsz, size_t newsz);
void gfxSleepMilliseconds(delaytime_t ms);
void gfxSleepMicroseconds(delaytime_t ms);
void gfxSemInit(gfxSem* psem, semcount_t val, semcount_t limit);
void gfxSemDestroy(gfxSem* psem);
bool_t gfxSemWait(gfxSem* psem, delaytime_t ms);
bool_t gfxSemWaitI(gfxSem* psem);
void gfxSemSignal(gfxSem* psem);
void gfxSemSignalI(gfxSem* psem);
#define gfxSemCounterI(psem) ((psem)->counter)
#define gfxSemCounter(psem) ((psem)->counter)
gfxThreadHandle gfxThreadCreate(void *stackarea, size_t stacksz, threadpriority_t prio, DECLARE_THREAD_FUNCTION((*fn),p), void *param);
#define gfxThreadWait(thread) {} // never used, not imlpemented
#define gfxThreadMe() {} // never used, not implemented
#define gfxThreadClose(thread) {}
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* GFX_USE_OS_FREERTOS */
#endif /* _GOS_CHIBIOS_H */