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@ -21,8 +21,8 @@ FIX: Fixed issue where children of (nested) containers were not properly handle
FEATURE: Automatically close all open files in gfileDeinit()
FEATURE: Added support for IAR and EDG compilers
FIX: Fixed crash when loading GIF image without enough memory available
FEATURE: Added applications/minesweeper demo
FEATURE: Added applications/justget10 demo
FEATURE: Added games/minesweeper demo
FEATURE: Added games/justget10 demo
*** Release 2.5 ***
@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ FEATURE: Support for keyboard layouts for non-english keyboards
FEATURE: GDISP now supports pixmaps (in memory drawing)
FEATURE: Rename files to improve experience in certain brain-dead IDE's
FEATURE: Add a checkbox "Toggle Button" custom draw
FEATURE: Add Tetris as an application demo
FEATURE: Add Tetris as a game demo
FEATURE: Add HY-MiniSTM32V board support
FEATURE: Add GWIN feature to flash any window/widget
FIX: Lots of GDISP monochrome drivers fixed