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@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ FEATURE: Added gdispGDrawThickLine() by user jpa-
DEPRECATE: TDISP module removed
FIX: Console does not execute gwinPrintf() anymore if not visible
FEATURE: Added gwinGetColor() and gwinGetBgColor()
FEATURE: Console does now have an optional buffer (GWIN_CONSOLE_USE_HISTORY)
FEATURE: Console now has an optional backing store buffer (GWIN_CONSOLE_USE_HISTORY)
FEATURE: Added smooth scrolling to list widget
FEATURE: Increased performance of gwinListAddItem()
FEATURE: Added gfxDeinit()
@ -20,11 +20,18 @@ FEATURE: Image file handling changed to use new GFILE module.
DEPRECTATE: Old image opening functions deprecated.
FEATURE: Restructure and simplify the include path for GFX
FEATURE: Added LGDP4532 driver by user shilow
FIX: Updated board files to support api changes in ChibiOS/RT 2.6.4
FEATURE: Support for ChibiOS/RT 3.x
FEATURE: Added gwinProgressbarStop() and gwinProgressbarReset()
FEATURE: Added generic ILI93xx driver by xlh1460
FEATURE: Added gwinListEnableRender()
FEATURE: Added gwinLabelSetAttribute()
FEATURE: Complete restructure of the GAUDIN and GAUDOUT into a common GAUDIO module
FEATURE: Added a PWM audio play driver
FEATURE: Update GADC audio recording driver to new GAUDIO format
FEATURE: Added vs1053 audio play driver
FEATURE: Added GAUDIO wave-play demo
FEATURE: Added many GWIN simple demo's and updated the combined widget demo
*** changes after 1.9 ***