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@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ OPT_GENERATE_MAP=no|yes - Generate a map file - default no
OPT_COPY_EXE=no|yes - Copy the final program to the local project directory - default no
OPT_NONSTANDARD_FLAGS=no - Turn off adding the standard compiler language flags - default no
OPT_LINK_OPTIMIZE=no - Remove unused code/data during link - default no
OPT_OS=win32|win32.chibios|linux|osx|chibios|freertos|ecos|raw32|rawrtos - Mandatory: The operating system
OPT_CPU=x86|x64|stm32m1|stm32m4|at91sam7|armv6|raspberrypi - Add some cpu dependant flags
OPT_OS=win32|win32.raw32|win32.chibios|linux|osx|chibios|freertos|ecos|raw32|rawrtos - Mandatory: The operating system
OPT_CPU=x86|x64|stm32m1|stm32m4|stm32m7|at91sam7|armv6|raspberrypi - Add some cpu dependant flags
BUILDDIR - Build Directory - default is ".build" or "bin/Debug" or "bin/Release" depending on the target
PROJECT - Project Name - default is the name of the project directory