7 Commits (152e7e7e26beb4fb3db123a5f49dae7025737666)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Joel Bodenmann 152e7e7e26 Adding gmiscHittestPoly() 5 years ago
inmarket aa7ebf9c26 Add the license to the makefiles 7 years ago
inmarket fa8167b94d Big file rename to reduce problems with brain-dead IDE's that don't handle project file hierarchies well. 7 years ago
inmarket 87242d0a6c Add MatrixFloat2D and MatrixFixed2D operations to GMISC. 7 years ago
inmarket 0f3f8f68f8 Rename lots of files to help prevent compile time name conflicts. 8 years ago
inmarket 37966ff16d Integrate the include files with each module. Simplifies structure of code. 8 years ago
inmarket 6fe793da88 Fix missing init function for GMISC 9 years ago
inmarket 7fbfde42aa GOS module, for operating system independance 9 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 1bfc5a9f85 removed GDISP_LLD() macro - fix 9 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 885b3d53b3 removed GDISP_LLD() macro 9 years ago
Andrew Hannam 1fc03db586 New Subsystems GADC, GAUDIN, GAUDOUT, GMISC 9 years ago