7 Commits (1fc4180d41a77088bbb2c0ce020d5ff7ab88c16e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
inmarket 1fc4180d41 gThreadpriorityLow/Normal/High to replace LOW_/NORMAL_/HIGH_PRIORITY 4 years ago
inmarket 93da5a0578 gDelayNone/gDelayForever to replace TIME_IMMEDIATE/TIME_INFINITE 4 years ago
inmarket 215f31ee3d Added type gDelay to replace V2.x delaytime_t 4 years ago
inmarket 41271d632b Added new type definitions - moving towards V3.0 4 years ago
Thomas Sterren 861e6b9869 Defined gfxRealloc() for GFX_USE_OS_QT 4 years ago
inmarket d7b083da1e Remove long obsoleted (and dubious) functions gfxSemCounter() and gfxSemCounterI() 5 years ago
Joel Bodenmann e5f69dbcf4 Adding Qt GOS port 6 years ago