116 Commits (cf01cb2e7c6bd5b703c3a7c21565732705315e27)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Joel Bodenmann cf01cb2e7c GDISP: Move extern GDISPVMT declarations outside of function body 1 year ago
Joel Bodenmann 9c0678a291 Avoid duplicate const specifier compiler warnings 1 year ago
inmarket 7c5a6c928f For all source files update integer types to the new gI8 etc type names 4 years ago
Tibo Clausen 0840c8e784 Update license header 4 years ago
inmarket e61f0ae424 Added type gOrientation to replace V2.x orientation_t, and values gOrientationX replace GDISP_ROTATE_X 4 years ago
inmarket cbf1d4dfa0 Added type gFont to replace V2.x font_t 4 years ago
inmarket a24fab0d72 Added type gFontmetric to replace V2.x fontmetric_t, and values gFontXXX replace fontXXX 4 years ago
inmarket 2e8eaa3471 Added type gJustify to replace V2.x justify_t, and values gJustifyXXX replace justifyXXX 4 years ago
inmarket bda8c738b1 Added type gPowermode to replace V2.x powermode_t, and values gPowerXXX replace powerXXX 4 years ago
inmarket f9c848e985 Change color_t to gColor 4 years ago
inmarket cfb1b2a488 Change pixel_t to gPixel 4 years ago
inmarket 2ab2d77fcb Change coord_t to gCoord 4 years ago
inmarket 7e95acb731 Change point and point_t to gPoint 4 years ago
inmarket e8b789bfb1 Fix some missing gBool conversions 4 years ago
inmarket 41271d632b Added new type definitions - moving towards V3.0 4 years ago
inmarket 94f1cc2f0a Change new colors to GFX_RED instead of GFXRED. Use the new color defs 4 years ago
inmarket f265924396 First set of V3 macro changes 5 years ago
inmarket 87ec4b7c77 Bug fix for drawing boxes of size 3x3 pixels 5 years ago
inmarket 2a249e6140 Update to hacked alpha support - now uses pre-multiplied color blending algorithm 5 years ago
inmarket f9be386e52 Add alpha blending support 5 years ago
inmarket 5c84885995 Improve handling of streaming drivers with a setpos and a fillarea acceleration 5 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 64a8f8dde1 Fixing clipping issue with gdispGDrawString() 5 years ago
inmarket d8c9ca184f Fix font baseline_x problem, decrease word-wrap stack usage, add text justification options 5 years ago
inmarket b90055d2f9 Fixed extra dots when drawing anti-aliased fonts with wordwrap 6 years ago
Corentin Barman 0b4b99163b Fixed drawThickArc function 6 years ago
Corentin Barman 2bcb2155ca Added a function to draw thick arcs 6 years ago
Corentin Barman 2823c3605a Fixed and improved the get_normal_vector function 6 years ago
Corentin Barman ff65d4f220 Fixing bug in gdispGFillConvexPoly 6 years ago
inmarket 545a719db9 New dual circle drawing in GDISP 6 years ago
inmarket b3ba618c2a Add protection for a font not being supplied. 6 years ago
inmarket e3a0cff000 Fix 3 bugs in filled arc drawing... 6 years ago
inmarket 02dbca0454 (void)var statements must come after any variable definitions in strict c 6 years ago
Joel Bodenmann b9b555eae2 Fixing possible crash when GDISP_NEED_TEXT_WORDWRAP is enabled. 6 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 9bd3dd6ce8 Fix clipping of gdispGFillString() 6 years ago
Martijn Stommels ff6d26c70f Fix clipping of gdispGDrawString. 6 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 02e793e5db using GFX_PI internally to avoid issues with M_PI 7 years ago
inmarket c5a86757bd Make all include paths in ugfx relative. 7 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 14b5184d60 Fixing vertical center alignment issue when word-wrap is turned on 7 years ago
inmarket 1ed7559ef0 Handle antialiased font drawing when using word-wrap 7 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 615819441b Fixing previously introduced bug in gdispDrawStringBox() 7 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 58f6e0452e Fixing compiler warnings 7 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 2dcd3509c9 Fixing word-wrap 7 years ago
Joel Bodenmann ee2b82271d Adding word-wrap support for gdispDrawStringBox() and gdispFillStringBox() 7 years ago
inmarket 48a9d334b7 Replace all inline definitions with GFXINLINE 7 years ago
Joel Bodenmann fd7e047bf8 Moving INLINE macro to gfx.h main file as inlined functions are also used outside of gdisp.h 7 years ago
inmarket 53cb1af757 Add extra font metrics 7 years ago
inmarket 377fe644d1 Coding style, comments, duplicate symbols and other minor fixes 7 years ago
Joel Bodenmann f7075e25ed More work on the TextEdit 7 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 608290a261 Adding more font metrics 7 years ago