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inmarket ef00cac45d Add support and demo for pixmaps (in memory drawing) 8 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 8e54d01db1 Fixing Doxygen 8 years ago
inmarket 0f3f8f68f8 Rename lots of files to help prevent compile time name conflicts. 8 years ago
Joel Bodenmann e9179545af doxygen fixes 9 years ago
inmarket 37966ff16d Integrate the include files with each module. Simplifies structure of code. 9 years ago
inmarket a8e860678d New GDISP now supports multiple controllers with different pixel formats. 9 years ago
inmarket 009d9f1f60 English grammer correction 9 years ago
inmarket ece5bcd6ab Auto-generate pixel formats using macro's. 9 years ago