The offical µGFX repository.
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ARCH = i686-pc-mingw32-
CXXFLAGS = -O2 -Wall -Werror -Wno-unused-function -Wno-sign-compare -std=c++0x
CXXFLAGS += -ggdb
LDFLAGS += -pthread --static
# Libfreetype
CXXFLAGS += $(shell freetype-config --cflags)
LDFLAGS += $(shell freetype-config --libs)
#FREETYPE2_LIB = ../ugfx/3rdparty/freetype-2.6.1
#LDFLAGS += -I$(FREETYPE2_LIB)/lib -lfreetype
# compiler fixes for mingw32
# Class to represent font data internally
OBJS = datafile.o
# Utility functions
OBJS += importtools.o exporttools.o
# Import formats
OBJS += bdf_import.o freetype_import.o
# rlefont export format
OBJS += encode_rlefont.o optimize_rlefont.o export_rlefont.o
# bwfont export format
OBJS += export_bwfont.o
all: mcufont
strip: mcufont.exe
strip mcufont.exe
rm -f mcufont $(OBJS)
mcufont: main.o $(OBJS)
$(ARCH)g++ $(CXXFLAGS) -o $@ $^ $(LDFLAGS)
%.o: *.hh
$(ARCH)g++ $(CXXFLAGS) -c $<