The offical µGFX repository.
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*** Releases ***
current release: 1.9
*** changes after 1.9 ***
*** changes after 1.8 ***
FEATURE: GWIN list boxes.
FIX: POSIX port removed, now dedicated OS-X and Linux ports
FIX: Several bugfixes
FEATURE: mcufont integration
FEATURE: SSD1306 driver by user goeck
FEATURE: ST7565 driver by user sam0737
FEATURE: ED060SC4 driver by user jpa-
FIX: SSD1289 area filling bug fix by user samofab
FEATURE: Added gwinListGetSelectedText()
FEATURE: Added gwinListSetScroll()
FEATURE: Added gwinLabelSetBorder()
*** changes after 1.7 ***
FEATURE: Rename of the project from ChibiOS/GFX to uGFX
FEATURE: Moved from to
FEATURE: New website with a lot more of documentation
FEATURE: Introduced dedicated discussion forum
FEATURE: Complete rework of the widget manager (GWIN)
FEATURE: Added a lot of new widgets
FEATURE: Added gfxRealloc() to the GOS module
FIX: gfxHalt() fix for the Win32 port
FIX: Cleaned up board file mess
*** changes after 1.6 ***
FEATURE: Added RA8875 GDISP driver
FEATURE: Added FT5x06 GINPUT/touch driver
FIX: Several bugfixes
*** changes after 1.5 ***
FEATURE: Added ILI9325 driver - Thanks to Chris van Dongen aka _Sjaak
FEATURE: Added TDISP module
FIX: tdispGotoXY() renamed to tdispSetCursor()
FEATURE: Addition of GADC, GMISC, GAUDIN, GAUDOUT subsystems
FIX: Removal of the GDISP_LLD() macro
FEATURE: Added SSD2119 GDISP driver
FEATURE: Added GWIN_BUTTON_LAZY_RELEASE macro to disable cancel feature of buttons
FEATURE: Implemented all four orientation modes for the ILI9320 GDISP driver
FIX: Renamed every '__inline' macro to 'inline' for compiler compatibilities
FEATURE: Supporting all standard functions in GDISP Nokia6610GE8 driver
FEATURE: Added gdispDrawPoly() and gdispFillConvexPoly()
FEATURE: Added arrow button style to GWIN buttons
FEATURE: Added the ability to specify a custom button drawing routine
FEATURE: SSD1963 rework by username 'fred'
FEATURE: Added Picture converter tool
FEATURE: Added slider widget
FEATURE: First MIPS32 (PIC32) board files contributed by user 'Dmytro'
FEATURE: Added gwinDraw() routine
FEATURE: Added GINPUT Dial support and driver using GADC
FEATURE: Simplified assigning inputs to buttons and sliders
FIX: Some fixes for the HD44780 TDISP driver by the user 'Frysk'
FEATURE: Added ILI9481 by user 'Abhishek'
FEATURE: Added enable/disable functions for widgets (Buttons)
FEATURE: Added HX8347D driver by user 'Eddie'
FEATURE: Added enhanced notepad demo by user 'Abhishek'
FEATURE: Added GOS module (including sub modules such as GQUEUE)
FEATURE: Added some functionalities to the TDISP module by user 'Frysk'
*** changes after 1.4 ***
FEATURE: GEVENT - for passing event structures from Sources to Listeners
FEATURE: GTIMER - thread context based once-off and periodic timers.
FEATURE: GINPUT - extensible, multiple device-type, input sub-system.
FEATURE: GWIN - full button, console and graph support
FEATURE: Numerous touch calibration improvements
FEATURE: Win32 driver - now support gdisp & ginput mouse/touch/toggle
FEATURE: Win32 driver - full gdisp orientation support
FEATURE: Nokia6610 GDISP driver split in to GE8 and GE12 variants
FEATURE: Many GDISP drivers changed to use a board interface definition
FEATURE: GFX source restructure with new gfx.h include file.
DEPRECATE: console deprecated - replaced with gwin functionality
DEPRECATE: graph deprecated - replaced with gwin functionality
DEPRECATE: touchscreen deprecated - replaced with ginput functionality
FEATURE: Numerous documentation improvements
FEATURE: Added a number of module demo and test programs
DEPRECATE: Remove of XPT2046 since full compatibility with ADS7843
*** changes after 1.3 ***
FIX: Nokia 6610 fix
FEATURE: New driver: Win32
FEATURE: implementation of gdispFillArc()
FIX: Hardware accelerate Arc routines
FIX: Fix axis orientation for Arc routines
FEATURE: new gdisp rounded box routines
FEATURE: new gdispDrawStringBox()
FEATURE: GWIN infrastructure
FEATURE: now we fully support doxygen
*** changes after 1.2 ***
FEATURE: added FSMC for SSD1289 / F4
FEATURE: added calibration storage interface
FIX: bugfix in filling functions for SSD1289
FEATURE: added point_t struct in gdisp.h
FEATURE: added graph module
*** changer after 1.1 ***
FIX: orientation macros changed
FIX: huge internal bugfix in orientation stuff (big thanks to Abhishek)
FIX: struct cal renamed to struct cal_t
FIX: struct TOUCHPAD_t renamed to struct TOUCHPADDriver_t
FIX: struct GConsole renamed to struct GConsole_t
FIX: lcdConsoleXXX() functions have been renamed to gfxConsoleXXX()
*** changes after 1.0 ***
FIX: removed gdisp and touchpad prefix of driver directories
UPDATE: added SSD1963 driver
FIX: fixed Validation, VMT driver, console and BitBlit
FEATURE: added clipping support
FEATURE: addad gdispDrawArc()
FEATURE: added SSD1963 DMA support
FEATURE: added touchpad interface for storing calibration values (#define TOUCHPAD_STORE_CALIBRATION)
CHANGE: replaced every GDISP_XXX macro with GDISP_XXX
CHANGE: removed last digit of version number