The offical µGFX repository.
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To include any of these functions/drivers in your project...
1/ Specify the path to the LCDLIB. If none defined, default is $(CHIBIOS)/ext/lcd
2/ In your project Makefile (amongst similiar lines but after the hal line) add the line...
include $(LCDLIB)/
3/ Add $(LCDSRC) and $(LCDINC) to your SRCS and INCDIR of your projects Makefile
4/ In your project Makefile add the makefiles for any specific drivers you want e.g
include $(LCDLIB)/halext/drivers/touchpad/touchpadXPT2046/
include $(LCDLIB)/halext/drivers/gdisp/gdispNokia6610/
5/ In your project halconf.h turn on the support you want eg.
* @brief Enables the Touchpad subsystem.
#if !defined(HAL_USE_TOUCHPAD) || defined(__DOXYGEN__)
* @brief Enables the GDISP subsystem.
#if !defined(HAL_USE_GDISP) || defined(__DOXYGEN__)
/* Any driver specific defines required go here. The below line is an example. */
6/ Do a make clean.