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* This file is subject to the terms of the GFX License. If a copy of
* the license was not distributed with this file, you can obtain one at:
* The raw32 GOS implementation supports any 32 bit processor with or without an
* underlying operating system. It uses cooperative multi-tasking. Be careful
* when writing device drivers not to disturb the assumptions this creates by performing
* call-backs to uGFX code unless you define the INTERRUPTS_OFF() and INTERRUPTS_ON() macros.
* It still requires some C runtime library support...
* enough startup to initialise the stack, interrupts, static data etc and call main().
* setjmp() and longjmp() - for threading
* memcpy() - for heap and threading
* malloc(), realloc and free() - if GOS_RAW_HEAP_SIZE == 0
* You must also define the following routines in your own code so that timing functions will work...
* gTicks gfxSystemTicks(void);
* gTicks gfxMillisecondsToTicks(gDelay ms);
#ifndef _GOS_RAW32_H
#define _GOS_RAW32_H
/* Type definitions */
void gfxHalt(const char *msg);
void gfxExit(void);
/* Use the generic thread handling and heap handling */
#include "gos_x_threads.h"
#include "gos_x_heap.h"
#endif /* GFX_USE_OS_RAW32 */
#endif /* _GOS_RAW32_H */