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BeOS support for TinyGL, 1998 Peder Blekken
I implemented (a limited version of) the BGLView class. There is
no DirectWindow support, and some other funtions are missing too,
but it should work ok for most uses. Feel free to use and modify
GLView.cpp and GLView.h in any way you desire.
You will need to take a look in Makefile to compile the library
under BeOS. For those of you not familiar with using makefiles: too bad :)
Also, you will probably need to remove /boot/develop/headers/be/opengl
from the BEINCLUDES environment variable. Unfortunately, this means
editing the /boot/beos/system/boot/SetupEnvironment. It might be possible
to just make sure the TinyGL path is before Be's OpenGL in the include-paths
though. But I prefer to remove /boot/develop/headers/be/opengl, since I
often use Mesa as well. It is a better to add the OpenGL include path in your
makefile; or BeIDE project if that is what you use.
Contact me for any reason: <>