The offical µGFX repository.
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boards Embest board file fix 9 years ago
demos Added progressbar widget (demos still to do) 9 years ago
docs doxygen updates 10 years ago
drivers New versions of mingw use Red, Green Blue so we need to undefine them in certain places. 9 years ago
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tools Touch driver test tool - display more useful information 9 years ago
.gitignore First cut - beautiful new font handling by PetteriAimonen 9 years ago
Doxygenfile added exclude paths to Doxygen file 9 years ago
codingstyle.txt removed GDISP_LLD() macro - fix 10 years ago removed ChibiOS/RT path reference (Thanks to Steffanx) 9 years ago
gfxconf.example.h Added progressbar widget (demos still to do) 9 years ago
license.html fixed license headers 10 years ago
readme.txt readme / license / releases fix 10 years ago
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