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* This file is subject to the terms of the GFX License. If a copy of
* the license was not distributed with this file, you can obtain one at:
* @file boards/addons/gdisp/board_ED060SC4_example.h
* @brief GDISP Graphic Driver subsystem board interface for the ED060SC4 display.
* This file corresponds to the connections shown in example_schematics.png,
* and is designed to interface with ChibiOS/RT.
* Please note that this file has never been tested in exactly this pin
* configuration, because the actual boards I have are slightly different.
#include <hal.h>
* IO pins assignments.
#define GPIOB_EINK_VDD 0
#define GPIOB_EINK_SPV 2
#define GPIOB_EINK_CKV 3
#define GPIOB_EINK_CL 4
#define GPIOB_EINK_LE 5
#define GPIOB_EINK_OE 6
#define GPIOB_EINK_SPH 7
#define GPIOB_EINK_D0 8
#define GPIOB_EINK_D1 9
#define GPIOB_EINK_D2 10
#define GPIOB_EINK_D3 11
#define GPIOB_EINK_D4 12
#define GPIOB_EINK_D5 13
#define GPIOB_EINK_D6 14
#define GPIOB_EINK_D7 15
#define GPIOC_SMPS_CTRL 13
#define GPIOC_VPOS_CTRL 14
#define GPIOC_VNEG_CTRL 15
static GFXINLINE void init_board(GDisplay *g) {
// As we are not using multiple displays we set g->board to NULL as we don't use it.
g->board = 0;
switch(g->controllerdisplay) {
case 0: // Set up for Display 0
/* Main SMPS power control, active low
* (open collector so that MOSFET gate can be pulled up to Vbat) */
palWritePad(GPIOC, GPIOC_SMPS_CTRL, true);
/* Power control for the positive & negative side */
palWritePad(GPIOC, GPIOC_VPOS_CTRL, false);
palWritePad(GPIOC, GPIOC_VNEG_CTRL, false);
/* Main data bus */
palWritePort(GPIOB, 0);
/* Delay for display waveforms. Should be an accurate microsecond delay. */
static void eink_delay(int us) {
/* Turn the E-ink panel Vdd supply (+3.3V) on or off. */
static GFXINLINE void setpower_vdd(GDisplay *g, gBool on) {
(void) g;
palWritePad(GPIOB, GPIOB_SMPS_CTRL, !on);
palWritePad(GPIOA, GPIOA_EINK_VDD, on);
/* Turn the E-ink panel negative supplies (-15V, -20V) on or off. */
static GFXINLINE void setpower_vneg(GDisplay *g, gBool on) {
(void) g;
palWritePad(GPIOA, GPIOA_VNEG_CTRL, on);
/* Turn the E-ink panel positive supplies (-15V, -20V) on or off. */
static GFXINLINE void setpower_vpos(GDisplay *g, gBool on) {
(void) g;
palWritePad(GPIOA, GPIOA_VPOS_CTRL, on);
/* Set the state of the LE (source driver Latch Enable) pin. */
static GFXINLINE void setpin_le(GDisplay *g, gBool on) {
(void) g;
palWritePad(GPIOB, GPIOB_EINK_LE, on);
/* Set the state of the OE (source driver Output Enable) pin. */
static GFXINLINE void setpin_oe(GDisplay *g, gBool on) {
(void) g;
palWritePad(GPIOB, GPIOB_EINK_OE, on);
/* Set the state of the CL (source driver Clock) pin. */
static GFXINLINE void setpin_cl(GDisplay *g, gBool on) {
(void) g;
palWritePad(GPIOB, GPIOB_EINK_CL, on);
/* Set the state of the SPH (source driver Start Pulse Horizontal) pin. */
static GFXINLINE void setpin_sph(GDisplay *g, gBool on) {
(void) g;
palWritePad(GPIOB, GPIOB_EINK_SPH, on);
/* Set the state of the D0-D7 (source driver Data) pins. */
static GFXINLINE void setpins_data(GDisplay *g, gU8 value) {
(void) g;
palWriteGroup(GPIOB, 0xFF, GPIOB_EINK_D0, value);
/* Set the state of the CKV (gate driver Clock Vertical) pin. */
static GFXINLINE void setpin_ckv(GDisplay *g, gBool on) {
(void) g;
palWritePad(GPIOB, GPIOB_EINK_CKV, on);
/* Set the state of the GMODE (gate driver Gate Mode) pin. */
static GFXINLINE void setpin_gmode(GDisplay *g, gBool on) {
(void) g;
/* Set the state of the SPV (gate driver Start Pulse Vertical) pin. */
static GFXINLINE void setpin_spv(GDisplay *g, gBool on) {
(void) g;
palWritePad(GPIOB, GPIOB_EINK_SPV, on);