23 Commits (1fc4180d41a77088bbb2c0ce020d5ff7ab88c16e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
inmarket 1fc4180d41 gThreadpriorityLow/Normal/High to replace LOW_/NORMAL_/HIGH_PRIORITY 4 years ago
inmarket e61f0ae424 Added type gOrientation to replace V2.x orientation_t, and values gOrientationX replace GDISP_ROTATE_X 4 years ago
inmarket bda8c738b1 Added type gPowermode to replace V2.x powermode_t, and values gPowerXXX replace powerXXX 4 years ago
inmarket f9c848e985 Change color_t to gColor 4 years ago
inmarket cfb1b2a488 Change pixel_t to gPixel 4 years ago
inmarket 2ab2d77fcb Change coord_t to gCoord 4 years ago
inmarket 41271d632b Added new type definitions - moving towards V3.0 4 years ago
inmarket f265924396 First set of V3 macro changes 4 years ago
inmarket 9b73187100 Add compatibility with Visual Studio and make compile warning capabilities more cross platform 5 years ago
inmarket c5a86757bd Make all include paths in ugfx relative. 7 years ago
inmarket 07a63f7143 Compile error and emulation errors for GFILE_NEED_STDIO 7 years ago
inmarket fa8167b94d Big file rename to reduce problems with brain-dead IDE's that don't handle project file hierarchies well. 8 years ago
inmarket d51ce4e00e First keyboard driver for X 8 years ago
inmarket bd041926b4 Allow a mouse driver to not return any results when it is polled. 8 years ago
inmarket 4cf198aad2 X bug fix so application closes properly when there is a window manager 8 years ago
inmarket a9e802395e X bug fix so that window closes properly when using a window manager 8 years ago
inmarket 6b158b8a0b Move mouse initialisation to a better spot 8 years ago
inmarket 1298e3d635 First version X newmouse driver 8 years ago
Steffan Woltjer 27082a61d6 Added Xresource.h include to get rid of a warning about XrmUniqueQuark 8 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 08e1b0ebc7 Removed the doxygen inside of every driver as doxygen is only meant for highlevel API documentation. 8 years ago
inmarket 37966ff16d Integrate the include files with each module. Simplifies structure of code. 8 years ago
inmarket d18325e576 Remove variable name conflict with doom demo 9 years ago
inmarket d9f02858fd Replace NULL's with 0 as NULL is not defined by the Raw32 GOS. 9 years ago
inmarket b05a29f830 Rename GDISP driver files to prevent problems when compiling for multiple controllers on platforms that put all generated object files into a single directory. 9 years ago
inmarket 0535c67eab Add support for a driver private area (as well as a board private area) 9 years ago
inmarket 87a6af81f4 Change to gdisp low level driver API. Display number is now in the GDriver structure (It was required for a Nokia driver). 9 years ago
inmarket 86a5734912 Multiple controller support can now auto-detect hardware capabilities at run-time. 9 years ago
inmarket 769766aa4a X11 multiple display now tested 9 years ago
inmarket 75ed684275 Multiple display update for X11 driver. 9 years ago
inmarket 39c10335a3 Scolling fix in X driver and removal of compiler warning. 9 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 0f7777395b GDISP X driver fixes 9 years ago
inmarket 6499da5be3 SSD1289 streaming driver (untested) 9 years ago
Joel Bodenmann ea3048ff36 fixed OS-X port (untested) 9 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 73c5ef26f8 fixed license headers 9 years ago
inmarket 5b2d561483 Remove GDISP_THREAD_CHIBIOS. This is always used now. 9 years ago
inmarket ed0bac9765 License header updates 9 years ago
inmarket 49b3e8f55a License header updates 9 years ago
inmarket 1c258a8273 GOS updates 9 years ago
inmarket 7fbfde42aa GOS module, for operating system independance 9 years ago
Andrew Hannam b5ce240550 X driver for GDISP and GINPUT_MOUSE 9 years ago