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inmarket 7c5a6c928f For all source files update integer types to the new gI8 etc type names 2018-11-03 10:51:23 +10:00
Tibo Clausen 0840c8e784 Update license header 2018-10-01 17:34:15 +02:00
inmarket 215f31ee3d Added type gDelay to replace V2.x delaytime_t
Added type gTicks          to replace V2.x systemticks_t
Added type gThreadreturn   to replace V2.x threadreturn_t
Added type gThreadpriority to replace V2.x threadpriority_t
2018-07-08 14:30:31 +10:00
inmarket 41271d632b Added new type definitions - moving towards V3.0 2018-06-23 13:02:07 +10:00
inmarket c5a86757bd Make all include paths in ugfx relative.
The only include path now needed is for drivers (in particular GDISP drivers)
2015-11-21 19:27:08 +10:00
inmarket fa8167b94d Big file rename to reduce problems with brain-dead IDE's that don't handle project file hierarchies well.
Naming is more consistent with the new scheme.
May affect some third party drivers (header file renames).
2015-01-21 17:26:24 +10:00