The offical µGFX repository.
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Joel Bodenmann d54cf82d66 Fixing comment 8 years ago
3rdparty Readme for integration with yaffs2 (coming soon) 8 years ago
boards Conversion of some addon board files to newmouse 8 years ago
demos Fixing comment 8 years ago
docs Opening development on version 2.3 8 years ago
drivers Spacing, comments and spelling mistakes 8 years ago
src GOS doxygen fix 8 years ago
tools Fixed absolute path make problem under windows 8 years ago
.gitignore Use the more generic file mask for gitignore 9 years ago
Doxygenfile Doxygen version number fix 8 years ago
ffconf.h Move 3rd Party source to a new directory. 8 years ago
gfx.h GDRIVER now working for GDISP including multiple displays. 8 years ago Updated make scripts to be more compatible with older versions of gmake 3.XX 8 years ago
gfxconf.example.h Doc updates for multiple mouse support 8 years ago
license.html license typo fix 8 years ago
pffconf.h Add GFILE support for PetitFS (a very tiny FAT implementation) 8 years ago
readme.txt whitespace 9 years ago


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