3125 Commits (master)

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  Joel Bodenmann 13d360b17f Doxygen: Set PROJECT_NAME appropriately. 3 weeks ago
  Joel Bodenmann df7027881a Doxygen improvements 3 weeks ago
  Joel Bodenmann 2d4bbea4a3 Update doxygen file 3 weeks ago
  inmarket ff93884f71 Fix doxygen comment 1 year ago
  inmarket 0586fd276d Fix to gImage BMP handling where the system pixel size is less than a byte 2 years ago
  inmarket 127a7cd2a2 Fix to GWIN console widget 2 years ago
  inmarket 701f697df5 Fix release notes 2 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 39bde23dd9 Merge branch 'develop' 2 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann ac4b7fc8b4 Typedef gImage compatibility only when GDISP_NEED_IMAGE is GFXON 2 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 785047b0aa Introduce type gImage to replace v2.x gdispImage 2 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 835f0f197f Release v2.9 2 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 138b49a1a0 Updating .gitignore 2 years ago
  inmarket 509fc7501e Textedit fix - as per Neon1 2 years ago
  inmarket d528fb218d Minor fixups 2 years ago
  inmarket 8a9ed5195b Tidy u gfxSem, gfxMutex and various Macros by converting to new types gSem, gMutex etc 2 years ago
  inmarket 7c5a6c928f For all source files update integer types to the new gI8 etc type names 2 years ago
  inmarket 8bd70d953b FIx big endian bug 2 years ago
  inmarket 6a69c5673f Fix gfxRealloc bug for RAW32 (and derivitives) 2 years ago
  inmarket 0f3310dd34 Reverse removal of label auto-sizing during label creation. Retained removal of auto-sizing during draw. 2 years ago
  inmarket 4c4cf51682 More updating of license header 2 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann b2b8b857ee Merge branch 'feature/update_license_header' of XenotriX/uGFX into master 2 years ago
  Tibo Clausen 0840c8e784 Update license header 2 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann e414e77d23 Merge branch 'feature/label_renderer' of XenotriX/uGFX into master 2 years ago
  Tibo Clausen 82287d168f Change gwinLabelDraw to gwinLabelDrawJustified 2 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 3486e47579 Updating changelog 2 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 7047dfa633 Merge branch 'feature/rm_label_auto-resize' of XenotriX/uGFX into master 2 years ago
  Tibo Clausen 00c99374b1 Remove label auto-resizing 2 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann fe8c80f434 Merge branch 'hotfix/fsyncqueue' of XenotriX/uGFX into master 2 years ago
  Tibo Clausen e56ed290e3 Fix fully sync queue 2 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann df0200c0f9 Merge branch 'hotfix/color' of XenotriX/uGFX into master 2 years ago
  Tibo Clausen 601d8f893d Fix color macros 2 years ago
  inmarket 330f891081 Added type gThread to replace V2.x gfxThreadHandle 2 years ago
  inmarket 1fc4180d41 gThreadpriorityLow/Normal/High to replace LOW_/NORMAL_/HIGH_PRIORITY 2 years ago
  inmarket 93da5a0578 gDelayNone/gDelayForever to replace TIME_IMMEDIATE/TIME_INFINITE 2 years ago
  inmarket 215f31ee3d Added type gDelay to replace V2.x delaytime_t 2 years ago
  inmarket e23ae94e91 Added type gColorformat to replace V2.x colorformat 2 years ago
  inmarket e61f0ae424 Added type gOrientation to replace V2.x orientation_t, and values gOrientationX replace GDISP_ROTATE_X 2 years ago
  inmarket cbf1d4dfa0 Added type gFont to replace V2.x font_t 2 years ago
  inmarket a24fab0d72 Added type gFontmetric to replace V2.x fontmetric_t, and values gFontXXX replace fontXXX 2 years ago
  inmarket 2e8eaa3471 Added type gJustify to replace V2.x justify_t, and values gJustifyXXX replace justifyXXX 2 years ago
  inmarket 788cbced62 Correct V2 powermode macros 2 years ago
  inmarket bda8c738b1 Added type gPowermode to replace V2.x powermode_t, and values gPowerXXX replace powerXXX 2 years ago
  inmarket f9c848e985 Change color_t to gColor 2 years ago
  inmarket cfb1b2a488 Change pixel_t to gPixel 2 years ago
  inmarket 2ab2d77fcb Change coord_t to gCoord 2 years ago
  inmarket 7e95acb731 Change point and point_t to gPoint 2 years ago
  inmarket e8b789bfb1 Fix some missing gBool conversions 2 years ago
  inmarket 63d6955992 Another ChibiOS V5 fix 2 years ago
  inmarket 853863254f Added WS29EPD driver by cpu20 for the WaveShare E-Paper display 2 years ago