3121 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  inmarket 0586fd276d Fix to gImage BMP handling where the system pixel size is less than a byte 2 weeks ago
  inmarket 127a7cd2a2 Fix to GWIN console widget 2 weeks ago
  inmarket 701f697df5 Fix release notes 2 weeks ago
  Joel Bodenmann 39bde23dd9 Merge branch 'develop' 3 weeks ago
  Joel Bodenmann ac4b7fc8b4 Typedef gImage compatibility only when GDISP_NEED_IMAGE is GFXON 3 weeks ago
  Joel Bodenmann 785047b0aa Introduce type gImage to replace v2.x gdispImage 1 month ago
  Joel Bodenmann 835f0f197f Release v2.9 2 months ago
  Joel Bodenmann 138b49a1a0 Updating .gitignore 2 months ago
  inmarket 509fc7501e Textedit fix - as per Neon1 6 months ago
  inmarket d528fb218d Minor fixups 6 months ago
  inmarket 8a9ed5195b Tidy u gfxSem, gfxMutex and various Macros by converting to new types gSem, gMutex etc 6 months ago
  inmarket 7c5a6c928f For all source files update integer types to the new gI8 etc type names 6 months ago
  inmarket 8bd70d953b FIx big endian bug 7 months ago
  inmarket 6a69c5673f Fix gfxRealloc bug for RAW32 (and derivitives) 7 months ago
  inmarket 0f3310dd34 Reverse removal of label auto-sizing during label creation. Retained removal of auto-sizing during draw. 7 months ago
  inmarket 4c4cf51682 More updating of license header 7 months ago
  Joel Bodenmann b2b8b857ee Merge branch 'feature/update_license_header' of XenotriX/uGFX into master 7 months ago
  Tibo Clausen 0840c8e784 Update license header 7 months ago
  Joel Bodenmann e414e77d23 Merge branch 'feature/label_renderer' of XenotriX/uGFX into master 7 months ago
  Tibo Clausen 82287d168f Change gwinLabelDraw to gwinLabelDrawJustified 7 months ago
  Joel Bodenmann 3486e47579 Updating changelog 7 months ago
  Joel Bodenmann 7047dfa633 Merge branch 'feature/rm_label_auto-resize' of XenotriX/uGFX into master 7 months ago
  Tibo Clausen 00c99374b1 Remove label auto-resizing 7 months ago
  Joel Bodenmann fe8c80f434 Merge branch 'hotfix/fsyncqueue' of XenotriX/uGFX into master 7 months ago
  Tibo Clausen e56ed290e3 Fix fully sync queue 7 months ago
  Joel Bodenmann df0200c0f9 Merge branch 'hotfix/color' of XenotriX/uGFX into master 7 months ago
  Tibo Clausen 601d8f893d Fix color macros 7 months ago
  inmarket 330f891081 Added type gThread to replace V2.x gfxThreadHandle 10 months ago
  inmarket 1fc4180d41 gThreadpriorityLow/Normal/High to replace LOW_/NORMAL_/HIGH_PRIORITY 10 months ago
  inmarket 93da5a0578 gDelayNone/gDelayForever to replace TIME_IMMEDIATE/TIME_INFINITE 10 months ago
  inmarket 215f31ee3d Added type gDelay to replace V2.x delaytime_t 10 months ago
  inmarket e23ae94e91 Added type gColorformat to replace V2.x colorformat 10 months ago
  inmarket e61f0ae424 Added type gOrientation to replace V2.x orientation_t, and values gOrientationX replace GDISP_ROTATE_X 10 months ago
  inmarket cbf1d4dfa0 Added type gFont to replace V2.x font_t 10 months ago
  inmarket a24fab0d72 Added type gFontmetric to replace V2.x fontmetric_t, and values gFontXXX replace fontXXX 10 months ago
  inmarket 2e8eaa3471 Added type gJustify to replace V2.x justify_t, and values gJustifyXXX replace justifyXXX 10 months ago
  inmarket 788cbced62 Correct V2 powermode macros 10 months ago
  inmarket bda8c738b1 Added type gPowermode to replace V2.x powermode_t, and values gPowerXXX replace powerXXX 10 months ago
  inmarket f9c848e985 Change color_t to gColor 10 months ago
  inmarket cfb1b2a488 Change pixel_t to gPixel 10 months ago
  inmarket 2ab2d77fcb Change coord_t to gCoord 10 months ago
  inmarket 7e95acb731 Change point and point_t to gPoint 10 months ago
  inmarket e8b789bfb1 Fix some missing gBool conversions 10 months ago
  inmarket 63d6955992 Another ChibiOS V5 fix 10 months ago
  inmarket 853863254f Added WS29EPD driver by cpu20 for the WaveShare E-Paper display 10 months ago
  inmarket e2fb6820d0 Add support for ChibiOS V5 - Thanks Vrollei 10 months ago
  inmarket 41271d632b Added new type definitions - moving towards V3.0 11 months ago
  inmarket 3b97fb798e Merge branch 'master' of Steffen/uGFX into master 11 months ago
  inmarket b9b7d27c57 Merge branch 'ST7735_128x128' of kapacuk/uGFX into master 11 months ago