68 Commits (330f891081dbd755063767a25f39c517fbe5c432)

Author SHA1 Message Date
inmarket 330f891081 Added type gThread to replace V2.x gfxThreadHandle 4 years ago
inmarket 1fc4180d41 gThreadpriorityLow/Normal/High to replace LOW_/NORMAL_/HIGH_PRIORITY 4 years ago
inmarket 93da5a0578 gDelayNone/gDelayForever to replace TIME_IMMEDIATE/TIME_INFINITE 4 years ago
inmarket 215f31ee3d Added type gDelay to replace V2.x delaytime_t 4 years ago
inmarket e23ae94e91 Added type gColorformat to replace V2.x colorformat 4 years ago
inmarket e61f0ae424 Added type gOrientation to replace V2.x orientation_t, and values gOrientationX replace GDISP_ROTATE_X 4 years ago
inmarket cbf1d4dfa0 Added type gFont to replace V2.x font_t 4 years ago
inmarket a24fab0d72 Added type gFontmetric to replace V2.x fontmetric_t, and values gFontXXX replace fontXXX 4 years ago
inmarket 2e8eaa3471 Added type gJustify to replace V2.x justify_t, and values gJustifyXXX replace justifyXXX 4 years ago
inmarket bda8c738b1 Added type gPowermode to replace V2.x powermode_t, and values gPowerXXX replace powerXXX 4 years ago
inmarket f9c848e985 Change color_t to gColor 4 years ago
inmarket cfb1b2a488 Change pixel_t to gPixel 4 years ago
inmarket 2ab2d77fcb Change coord_t to gCoord 4 years ago
inmarket 7e95acb731 Change point and point_t to gPoint 4 years ago
inmarket 853863254f Added WS29EPD driver by cpu20 for the WaveShare E-Paper display 4 years ago
inmarket e2fb6820d0 Add support for ChibiOS V5 - Thanks Vrollei 4 years ago
inmarket 41271d632b Added new type definitions - moving towards V3.0 4 years ago
inmarket ef9d93f0ef Fix UC1610 driver private area initialisation 4 years ago
Joel Bodenmann a411aea69f Updating changelog 4 years ago
inmarket 94f1cc2f0a Change new colors to GFX_RED instead of GFXRED. Use the new color defs 4 years ago
inmarket f265924396 First set of V3 macro changes 4 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 14786e97b6 Fixing issue in RTX5/CMSIS2 port 4 years ago
inmarket d9eaba249f Added support for specifying calibration fonts and text 4 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 37732af0b5 Release v2.8 5 years ago
Joel Bodenmann a5c1e29d21 Improving STM32F746G-Discovery board files 5 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 025bc66666 STM32F469i-Discovery board files 5 years ago
inmarket 7ef1fa156c Fix the STM32LTDC driver DMA2D accelerated bitblit on STM32F7 platforms. 5 years ago
inmarket 8bf95a1128 Add cache flushing to the ChibiOS FATFS/PETITFS block routines. Required for STM32F7. This should really be in the ChibiOS DMA routines. 5 years ago
Joel Bodenmann ea158a836d Adding nullpointer checks to GDISP image functions 5 years ago
inmarket 82047b1ac6 STM32LTDC 2nd layer support with alpha 5 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 2943011ccb Adding Zephyr port 5 years ago
inmarket 3e13911432 Oops - add readme and changelog 5 years ago
inmarket db7971734f First attempt at the JPG decoder. Compiles but may not run. 5 years ago
inmarket 0388755df1 Add gwinTextEditSendKey() and gwinTextEditSendSpecialKey() 5 years ago
inmarket c4eed17a2e Fix a problem with gwinImage where an animated GIF can leave a running timer when it is destroyed. 5 years ago
inmarket 2b4bd12ffa Add support for CMSIS V2 OS's eg RTX5 5 years ago
inmarket f1db3e940d Fix gwinTextEdit() problems 5 years ago
inmarket e16f97ce26 Added UC1610 driver. Thanks to aeroman 5 years ago
inmarket 8561671cb8 Upgrade to from FATFS-0.10b to FATFS-0.13 5 years ago
Joel Bodenmann e6721f70a0 Updating changelog 5 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 4d06ef9145 Adding RA6963 driver 5 years ago
U-INSANEENGINEER\joel 86d8fc35c1 Adding RA6963 driver 5 years ago
inmarket 09402b6bde KS0108 multi-chip driver thanks to doc_rob. 5 years ago
Joel Bodenmann 01fd5f3c90 Updating changelog 5 years ago
inmarket c67966f60e Added partial definition for the STM32F469i-Discovery board 5 years ago
inmarket eaa704c765 Added UC1601s driver 5 years ago
inmarket 23ceb054fc Fixed an issue on FreeRTOS where thread stacks were being created too large 5 years ago
inmarket d8c9ca184f Fix font baseline_x problem, decrease word-wrap stack usage, add text justification options 5 years ago
inmarket 5d8705b6e0 FEATURE: Significantly improved the FreeRTOS port 5 years ago