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629 Commits (c58dabc9c9aaa26e1d273e62c8e7508a0a3f7690)

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Joel Bodenmann c58dabc9c9 Renaming driver to STM32LTDC as this will be a generic one 2015-07-09 00:43:04 +02:00
Joel Bodenmann 926c8e507b Adding correct display parameters 2015-07-08 23:55:02 +02:00
Joel Bodenmann ac231c558c Adding some board file stuff for the F7 discovery (nothing done yet, just adding the required files) 2015-07-08 03:26:23 +02:00
Joel Bodenmann f5f18fc2d3 Whitespaces 2015-07-08 02:55:33 +02:00
Joel Bodenmann c610eeb65c Remove obsolete ILI9341 stuff. 2015-07-08 02:52:22 +02:00
Joel Bodenmann 43758829b8 Fixing include paths 2015-07-08 02:48:18 +02:00
Joel Bodenmann 49f32f5ce7 Starting STM32F7 Discovery driver development 2015-07-08 02:41:20 +02:00
Joel Bodenmann fe7b378a7b Adding 'flipHorizontally' and 'flipVertically^optiony to SSD1963 2015-06-21 09:51:05 +02:00
inmarket af4d4c2da7 Fixes to SSD1331 2015-05-10 17:12:30 +10:00
inmarket 734416a840 Started prototyping some changes to the STM32F429iDiscovery driver.
None are active yet.
2015-05-03 12:31:49 +10:00
inmarket f1d75f32be SSD1331 OLED display controller driver - accelerated including scroll support. 2015-04-07 23:23:01 +10:00
inmarket 8e18cc30e2 First cut SSD1351 driver 2015-04-01 00:29:18 +10:00
inmarket 865b7887d0 Fix shimmering with the STM32F429-iDiscovery display 2015-02-28 22:55:41 +10:00
inmarket a436128e50 Updates to Mikromedia-Plus-STM32-M4 board and the SSD1963 driver 2015-02-28 17:09:49 +10:00
inmarket 8f779effe1 Fix compiler warnings 2015-02-28 16:26:37 +10:00
inmarket fe980847d4 Fix self calibration for touch devices FT5x06 and STMPE610 2015-02-28 16:22:09 +10:00
inmarket d008c83bc7 Replace missing breaks. 2015-02-25 17:06:49 +10:00
inmarket 53aba6de89 Some changes to the SSD1963 driver to cater for new boards 2015-02-23 18:16:33 +10:00
inmarket 78db2f1d49 Fix to STMPE811 touch driver to fix self-calibration in other orientations 2015-02-23 18:15:22 +10:00
inmarket 07707276f6 Add touch driver STMPE610 by lliypuk 2015-02-23 18:14:37 +10:00
inmarket 07a63f7143 Compile error and emulation errors for GFILE_NEED_STDIO 2015-02-21 09:23:33 +10:00
inmarket 7c7459f1d2 Toggle fixes. 2015-02-14 09:16:28 +10:00
inmarket b8eab8f035 More fixes to TLS8204 driver 2015-02-07 01:12:46 +10:00
inmarket 2d8c9bdcec Yet another SSD1306 driver fix 2015-02-07 00:10:44 +10:00
inmarket f8c06e70a7 Fixes to all monochrome drivers
TLS8204 driver is now operational
2015-02-07 00:07:49 +10:00
inmarket 795b8a5e7d Fix optimization code that broke the SSD1306 for I2C interfaces. 2015-02-06 16:25:16 +10:00
inmarket ada8d42f33 Updates to TLS8204 driver 2015-02-05 00:19:43 +10:00
inmarket 288a8afb95 Driver bugfix 2015-02-05 00:19:11 +10:00
inmarket c9f0c1748d Missing definition in driver board template file 2015-02-05 00:18:46 +10:00
inmarket 17cc2d7d5e Missing definition in driver board template file 2015-02-05 00:18:25 +10:00
Joel Bodenmann d8e46a098d Fixing SSD2119 orientation bug 2015-02-04 14:16:07 +01:00
inmarket 606eeff79f Add TLS8204 monochrome display. Not fully tested yet. 2015-01-27 13:42:46 +10:00
inmarket fa8167b94d Big file rename to reduce problems with brain-dead IDE's that don't handle project file hierarchies well.
Naming is more consistent with the new scheme.
May affect some third party drivers (header file renames).
2015-01-21 17:26:24 +10:00
inmarket d51ce4e00e First keyboard driver for X 2015-01-08 19:53:28 +10:00
inmarket 610cc917cb Better keyboard driver doco and new driver configuration flag for Win32 2015-01-08 19:53:08 +10:00
inmarket b125e5d299 Win32 keyboard driver with US English keyboard layout. 2015-01-07 13:21:23 +10:00
inmarket 100e74d8e0 Make a Win32 driver define available from gfxconf.h 2015-01-03 18:40:38 +10:00
Joel Bodenmann f58124d06e Fixing wrong define in ADS7843 driver 2015-01-02 19:52:04 +01:00
inmarket e5d69abf02 Update SSD1289 and SSD2119 drivers to support using CCM memory for stack when using DMA.
2014-12-17 10:49:09 +10:00
inmarket 05354e057d Had to revert the new method of orientation support for SSD1306.
Unfortunately the new method immediately flipped orientation rather than just affecting drawing operations.
As both methods can be supported by the hardware/code we always use drawing only orientation support.
Updated the new fill routine to match.
Also fixed color black bug and moved variable definitions to start of a block as is required by pure C compilers.
2014-12-16 23:07:14 +10:00
ergosys 3811a03239 Merge branch 'master' into ssd1306 2014-12-15 14:00:24 -08:00
inmarket 17b921204c Split SSD1306 spi board example into 2 files.
Revert chibios 3.x use of bool as a base type for bool_t. back to char
bool is available on c++ compilers only!!!!
2014-12-15 18:32:45 +10:00
inmarket 3936c63061 Updates for the EMBEST board and a small fix to the SSD2119 driver. 2014-12-15 18:17:52 +10:00
ergosys 555fda2170 Implement "hardware" fills
Implement hardware fills by drawing on the framebuffer. This provides a
significant performance boost for filled geometric primitives and a
small one for font drawing.  Tested at all orientations.
2014-12-13 15:09:37 -08:00
ergosys d3b3020a07 use gdispColor2Native to get fill color 2014-12-13 15:09:37 -08:00
ergosys 9618d7917b Partially handle screen rotation using remapping
Use row and column remapping to change either row or column addressing
for each orientation.  This removes the need to reverse the drawing
direction of either x or y in the drawing routines.  However in the 90
and 270 case x and y must still be swapped.

Also, rename the SSD1306 remapping command names so they are more
2014-12-13 15:09:37 -08:00
ergosys bdfafbcf9f slightly faster flush and clear 2014-12-12 16:21:09 -08:00
ergosys 3b12678e6e add hardware clear 2014-12-12 16:21:08 -08:00
ergosys 96a5f5fbea fix GDISP_ROTATE_270 case 2014-12-12 16:21:08 -08:00
ergosys a43a9b25f6 add missing bus acquisition 2014-12-12 16:21:08 -08:00